Topic: The white mule Columbia Sc KK solo setlist

Song for me
Let’s Go Dancing
Scarred but Smarter
Down and Out Law
Keys to Me
Last Song for Maddie Hope
Good Country Mile
Iron mountain
Which Jesus
Straight to Hell
Dirty Angels
Ian Mclauchlin
The innocent
Honey Suckle
McDougal Blues

After scarred but smarter Kevn said “I am sure I am gonna regret this but what the heck, do you guys have any requests?”

Early show. Actually started at 7pm.

Opened for Travelin Kine, Although I think there were more people there for KK. 

White Mule is a new music venue in Columbia.  It is small now but will soon be a destination for those  midsized groups not big enough for arenas.

Re: The white mule Columbia Sc KK solo setlist

youtube playlist … f1HQmdvk6a

I saw the room The Mule is expanding into, looks outstanding.